The Path of Service

» Vernon Campbell

“Tyndale has given me the greatest perspective on what it means to be in community.”
– Vernon Campbell

After completing high school, Vernon Campbell [BA 2020] enlisted in the US Navy. The Navy was a truly unique experience where he learned military skills, from firearms to firefighting, alongside the value of life. He acquired structure, discipline, commitment and honour from his time being deployed across the world and encountering different cultures. He felt his faith tested and his relationship with God deepen during that time. He knew God was calling him to continue to serve in some capacity when his service with the Navy came to an end.

Vernon eventually moved to Canada. He worked and attended another university for a short while, but didn’t find it a healthy environment for him. Feeling lost and without much support navigating his academic path, he transferred to Tyndale. He felt God refining him, knowing God uses his experiences to shape his character. “Tyndale has given me the greatest perspective on what it means to be in community—to be able to learn and grow with other people of different denominations, mindsets, and learning styles,” he shares.

Vernon knows the incredible value of being supported by you through his journey. While studying full-time as a Business Administration major, Vernon works two part-time jobs at Tyndale. There are many others like him who are working while studying to make ends meet.

Being at Tyndale enables Vernon to follow the path of service to which he is called. During this past year, he held a student leadership position and volunteered at his church. Recipient of the Chancellor’s Entrepreneurial Award, Vernon is also developing his current business venture. He knows there are many paths he could take after graduating. Regardless, he knows God will lead him through: “I think Tyndale equips us in the sense of building character and building that integrity and perseverance and courage. I think that’s what I’ll be bringing to the workplace someday.”

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