Beyond the Trend

» Philip Yan

“That training grounded me in terms of the way I think, the way I put priority in life and work.”
– Philip Yan

Philip Yan [Certificate in Biblical Studies, OTS 1987] runs the successful marketing and design firm Genesis XD, a company he started 25 years ago. Highly sought after by major corporations, he draws in clientele who take advantage of his ability to think ahead of the curve in market trends. It’s a particular talent God helped him refine over the years. Following after God’s heart has always been his primary goal.

Philip enrolled at Tyndale (then called Ontario Theological Seminary) to become better equipped for ministry and was open to moving into full-time ministry, but the call never came. Instead, he knew God was leading him back to the marketplace.

“Seminary study was really beneficial to me,” he says. It was the norm at the time for seminary graduates to go directly into some form of ministry, but it wasn’t the path for him. What he learned at Tyndale proved to be considerably useful in the workforce and as an entrepreneur. “That training grounded me in terms of the way I think, the way I put priority in life and work. It gave me a good foundation for making decisions. It encouraged me in thinking of something new in terms of ministry that is really different from what I imagined.”

In keeping with God’s leading, Philip recently ventured into social enterprises geared towards creating employment for the marginalized, as well as stewardship for the environment. Philip and his wife, Amy, also invest in reaching young adults. They’ve created a mobile app that helps connect them with community and mentorship. This app will be tested among Tyndale alumni this fall.

When asked about the importance of Christian education today, Philip shares, “Education is in two realms now; one is about skill sets. But education is also about helping young people build character. Many young adults graduate with no idea of what they will do next; having Christian values at that time becomes crucial.”

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